Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well howdy

I have many weaknesses. Asian cooking. Growing potatos ( stop laughing Mr Flinthart, this isn't Tasmania.) Keeping up this blog, judging by the date on the last post, I mean Xmas is about food, you'd think I'd have enough material. And bread.

I've had a crack at bread from a few books, but never satisfactorily. During a recent back and forth over sausages or vege's or something food related with the knowledgeable Silverbeet from Twitter I was recomended this. The Handmade Loaf. And joy upon joy I got it for my birthday. At Xmas, but then that's the way things go when you're born in December.

Imagine breadmaking as religion. Breadmaking as I'd known it was like catholicism, very hands on, lots of to and fro. Well Dan Lepard's method is the buddism of bread. Put it together, go away and contemplate the state of the universe. Knead very lightly and leave until you have found inner peace. Knead very, very lightly and leave to rise. Invent a new form of Kung Fu...... Maybe I've pushed this too far.

The fact remains though that this method is much, much less kneading and pushing around of the dough. It requires precise measurements, something that binds and constricts my soul but I have made the best bread that I've ever made, still not what I'd call top quality but good enough that I'll keep on trying. The sour dough starter will be ready in a day or two and in keeping faith with the blog tonight I am going to make ham and mushroom foccacia!

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  1. Bread's such a bitch. Can never find good quality fresh yeast in my part of the world, and then have the added drama of searing heat and humidity spooling the proof for about 4 months of year.

    Besides, got an awesome French bakery across the road. Making one's own seems slightly redudant.

  2. I'm sure that yeast could be put to more productive uses. Besides, home brew kits are cheaper than breadmakers.

  3. Mate you haven't taken the metaphior far enough - next time you are down in Melbourne book in for one of the bread making workshops here:

  4. the new bourke street bakery cook book looks fab too