Saturday, July 25, 2009


We have all these glass jars. I asked for donations when we got the bees and they've just kept something. There is something in my personality that says if we say "enough", we'll never get them again, so I keep taking them. Besides, they are useful things to have, in case you are driving along and have a random and sudden desire to make marmalade.

I think it was because the last marmalade I bought was a bland, consistent, boring mass. That not to say I am gaurenteed to do better because jam, like cakes, needs a degree of measurement and I missed that gene when I was born.

So I juiced 3kg of oranges, two limes and five or so red grapefruit. I chopped up half the orange peels and the limes and grapefruit. I also added a thumbs full of ginger chopped finely.

To that I added about a litre of water and boiled for two hours. The rinds were chopped very unevenly but I was unsure whether it would turn out at all so I wasn't worried overly.

Once the rinds were nicely soft I added two kg of sugar and 25g of jam setta as I have no ability at all to naturally set jam.

The results are fantastic, a beautiful taste with varied textures from the rough chopped pith.

Bring on breakfast!

MF from the iPhone


  1. Two kilos of sugaaaaaar arrrrrgh *gargle gargle*


  2. Just had this marrrrrmalade on two pieces of toast in bed with coffee. Mmmm life is sweet and sour all at once. Delicious stuff Beeso.

  3. It was in about 3.5 kg of juice, water and pith so that's a little low. It's usually at least 1-1

  4. Looks tops. And the matching bandanna showed excellent attention to detail.