Sunday, June 28, 2009


Went away to the Sunshine Coast for the weekend and ran into a bit of good luck. The Wife and her mate went for a walk and saw some guys fishing for mullet. While I'm unsure of the sustainability of dragging for mullet, five fresh mullet for five bucks is hard to pass up.

I scaled and filleted them, then dropped them in a marinade of soy, lime, oil, zest, chilli and brown sugar, then grilled them on the BBQ. Tasted bloody fantastic. You just can't beat having a line straight to the guy getting it off the land or sea. Knowing someone like Squire Bedak for a cow or even just a neighbour who gives you a few eggs, well that's ten times better than knowing your bank managers name.

Mother Foccacia from the iPhone


  1. Should I? no I won't.

    I'm not such an oily-fish fan, but I have had several people say that a good piece of ocean run mullet is one of the best eating fish around. I'm yet to be convinced.
    A good piece of Snapper or Pearl perch is hard to go poast for me.
    When they run they are all roed up, you could have had yourself some home grown caviar if you'd got a hen fish.
    No shit that's what they call them.

  2. I find with the oily fish, it has to be super fresh. They weren't selling any female fish, I think that's their honey pot.

  3. You can't go past "hook em and cook em".... Mmmmm