Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Creepy crepes?

This is a poached pear and custard crepe from this little place attached the to GPO centre in the middle of Melbourne. I gave in to the urge to eat something sweet at lunchtime yesterday and the siren call of this crepe lured me into its dark embrace.
I have a friend who claims that she dreams about the crepes from this place and every time she is down from Brisbane we have to go and get one.
There are few meals which I would feel are worth driving a couple of thousand kilometres in a truck for (which is how she gets here) but apparently these crepes are one of them?
My memories of crepes are usually associated with late night visits to the Pancake Parlour in Brisbane when my friend Richard used to work there. They certainly didn't have the allure of this place...


  1. Looks good - did it taste as good as it looked?

    The only inner city crepe place I can recall was one in the Mid City Centre in the Pitt St Mall in Sydney. Recall, but not recommend. As a kid I remember the Pancake place in the middle of the lake at Pacific Fair - which is now a $2 Shop. Verily, the era of pancake-as-meal passed with the 1980s, I fear.

    Awesome lemon-and-honey crepes at the Otago Farmers Market though. Straight from hotplate to paper plate.

  2. That sounds pretty much the same as here - just a little stand but has a BIG reputation...

    It did taste bloodly amazing.