Sunday, May 24, 2009

Best Cheeseburger in Canberra

A few months ago, a little red caravan appeared without fanfare in Bowen Park, Barton (just Southeast of Kings Avenue Bridge). As I zoomed past on my way home each day I thought at first that gypsies had moved in, but as the little van was lit up with fairy lights each night, I subsequently figured it unlikely to be populated by vagabonds, as in my experience, they tend not to draw attention to themselves with brightly coloured caravans adorned with flashing lights. So recently I plucked up the courage to investigate the strange goings-on on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin and was pleasantly surprised with the best burger I've had in yonks.

This was no flash in the pan, however, as today after a nice stroll around to Reconciliation Place, the Frellmans sampled cheeseburgers and chips from the rather quaintly-named 'Brodburger' van. The Boss Lady and I tried the beefburger with swiss cheese and the mini-Frellmans tried the chips. Now the burger was an old fashioned beef burger that I had long since given up on finding again anywhere other than in a country town milk bar. It came on a beautiful crusty roll that really made it sing in my mouth. Although the beef patty might be one of the best you'll find too (outside of Chez Bedak of course). Nice and meaty. Yum.

The chips were just something else. These were nice thin french fries - nearly as thin as McDonald's chips, but that's where the similarity ended. These puppies were beautifully cooked and seasoned and could be the second best chips I've ever had. (The best were sitting next to a steak I had in Paris about 5 years ago. But that's a long way to go for chips, granted.)

I'll go out on a limb and predict that we are witnessing a Canberra legend in the making. In years to come I predict no trip to Canberra will be complete without a trip to Brodburger, like no trip to Sydney was complete without a trip to Harry's Cafe de Wheels in times past. I also predict that once the journos and pollies discover it, no Wednesday night in parliamentary sitting weeks will be complete without a late night Brodburger binge after a few dozen lagers.

My only complaint is that they seem to struggle with volume. Once more than three or four customers have their orders in they seem to not want to take orders until they get on top of the queue. This can be a little bit of a pain when it's cold outside - it would be far better if you could put your order in and then wait in the warmth of your car while it's cooked, Arnold's style. In fact, if they had a little light-board that they could put order numbers up on when they were ready to be collected, I'm sure most people wouldn't mind waiting in their cars a little while, listening to the radio and watching the moonlight dance on the lake. 

Hmm ... makes me wish I hadn't sold the Sandman.

Anyway, try Brodburger- open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday. On Sunday they're open for lunch only (but until 4pm for the late starters).


  1. We're fucking there for sure! Although dear Abe I should be wishing all a happy rosh chodesh sivan, can't help but observe that the Brodburger Deluxe made up of "2 x A grade gourmet beef patties, flame grilled, 2 Eggs, 4 rations of crispy bacon - topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and Spanish onions. Includes homemade aioli and tomato relish" looks like its got my name on it. I'm sure its using kosher bacon & mince. Mmmmmmm.....treife..Bedak

  2. Man I need an excuse to come from Canberra for work. It reminds me of a burger I had in Townsville, except there the chips were terrible. They came out first and after the first bite I was extremely worried for the quality of the burger. But when it came out it blew me away, the best lamb burger I've ever bought. Nice frosty asahi with it as well

  3. Harrys Cafe wheels is 71 years old and is still a must for Sydney visitors yo harry

  4. Lamb burger + Asahi sounds tops. Asahi would be oresome for anything heavy with luverly grease, the dryness would cut right thru the bastard.

    Abe - sounds almost tops enough to visit Canberra for.

  5. Hey Abe, I think the limb you are going out on is solid and can support plenty of weight!
    I wrote this after my first brodburger and searching around afterward found your article - a very nice feeling to know I was not alone.

  6. Sorry Anon, can you re-post the link for me?