Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baking, the hidden art.

I don't bake much. Something about having to measure things out just doesn't seem like cooking. So I've steered right clear of it. I don't eat bought biscuits or cakes much anyway. Since Curtis has been born there has been lots of sitting around watching him (and cricket) and lots of cups of tea and for some reason I have been craving biscuits.

Last week I had a bash at some Anzac biscuits, replacing the coconut with chopped mixed nuts as I had no coconut. They were surprisingly good. So much so that yesterday I had a craving for some biscuits with sultanas. So a quick request of twitter I had a recipe (thanks Zoe!) and I had a go today.

They are a touch crumbly, but maybe I haven't let them cool enough. Pretty bloody good for me though. I now have two strings to my baking bow, scones and biscuits! Now for cake.


  1. It appears that I am the only person on earth that comments on your blog. That isn't in any way a compliment.

  2. I have a theory - belligerent and simplistic that it is - that men cook and women bake. Baking seems to require an attention to detail and an adherence to recipe that is generally anathema to men (or at least to me.) Cooking - as I think I said in my first MF post a thousand years ago - is basically an experimental science. That said most of the best experimental scientists I know are wimmins so WTF am I on about.

  3. Practice makes perfect. Happy to be the tester. These ones were more like a slice consistency. Still extremely tasty.