Friday, October 2, 2009

Random thoughts.

Been over at Fraser Island this week, which brings out a subset of a subset of cooking, camping cooking but without a fire. It worked out pretty good, including a lamb and pork roast in camp ovens for fifteen people. The highlight was getting up at half past five on Tuesday morning to go to have a chat with the fantastic Mr Birmingham during his local ABC gig. You can get the audio here. Many thanks to Birmo for getting us on. Apologies to Abe, the producer attributed the English Breakfast post to me, once again i steal his glory!

Once I got home and chilled out I was hankering for smoothies, one of my favourite things in the whole of the food kingdom. After waiting for Sunbeam to replace part of my stem blender for the last four months I gave in and bought a new one. It created this.

Mulberries off the tree in the duck pen, banana, yoghurt, ice, ice cream, milk and lantana gold honey. Mmmmmmmm it was a mighty fine breakfast. Of course as soon as I had used the new blender the part for the other one turned up.

MF from the iPhone


  1. Now all you need is for Annabel Crabb to hit you up on Twitter saying how much she enjoyed your Eng breakfast post, and your evil master plan will be complete. Well partially anyway.

  2. Lantana honey is actually good? I mean -- it's not like Lantana to actually be useful in any way, shape or form, so I'd be surprised to discover that the honey from lantana flowers was worth having.

  3. I've been told that the bees will get very little from the lantana, just not much nectar, but they do work it. The honey is a blend of all over the valley, people out here tend to have a lot of native shrubs planted and i have 100 acres of bush next door. The name is more from the property than a description of the honey i guess.

    I wanted to set them straight about the english breakfast abe, but kerry jumped in and answered for me.!

  4. It's okay mate. I've been scoring free meals all over Canberra for the last 6 months by saying I was a restaurant reviewer by the name of Beesley, so I guess we're about even.